Re: XHTML Family Document Types and the validator

On Apr 29, 2007, at 19:11 , Shane McCarron wrote:
> All XHTML family docment types should be processed using the XML  
> parsing mode of the validator.  There is never a case where the  
> SGML parsing mode would work, since all the DTDs are XML DTDs, not  

I'm really glad to read this. A long time ago, I was made rather  
confused by
and the following claims made by some in e.g
that it meant the validator should not use its XML parsing mode to  
process XHTML 1.0 when served as text/html.

This left me extremely puzzled for a long time because:
* I never found any definition of "treat as HTML", nor any indication  
it was relevant to conformance checking/validation
* the SGML parsing mode would not work with the XML DTDs, anyway.

So your clarification is extremely valuable, thank you.


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