Re: XHTML Family Document Types and the validator

All XHTML family docment types should be processed using the XML parsing 
mode of the validator.  There is never a case where the SGML parsing 
mode would work, since all the DTDs are XML DTDs, not SGML DTDs.

Karl Dubost wrote:
> Le 30 avr. 2007 à 07:34, Shane McCarron a écrit :
>> You don't need to code for the part AFTER the XHTML string, just the 
>> part before.  If it starts with DTD XHTML it is by definition an 
>> XHTML family markup language and therefore should be parsed as XML.
> Even for those (xhtml 1.0) sent with text/html? Just trying to figure 
> out what would be the steps in the flow of processing.
> Hmm I guess a diagram would help here. A volunteer?
> Or if olivier gives me the steps that the validator follows now, I 
> could sketch up a diagram and we may have a better picture of how it 
> could work and if it should be modified or not.

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