Re: XHTML Family Document Types and the validator

On 4/30/07, olivier Thereaux <> wrote:
> On Apr 29, 2007, at 19:11 , Shane McCarron wrote:
> > All XHTML family docment types should be processed using the XML
> > parsing mode of the validator.  There is never a case where the
> > SGML parsing mode would work, since all the DTDs are XML DTDs, not
> > SGML DTDs.
> I'm really glad to read this. A long time ago, I was made rather
> confused by
> and the following claims made by some in e.g
> that it meant the validator should not use its XML parsing mode to
> process XHTML 1.0 when served as text/html.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one confused on this topic. I puzzled about
this for a while and never felt comfortable with my conclusions. I'll
gladly adjust my validator to match the decision-making process of the
W3C validator for determining whether or not to use XML parse mode.


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