Problem with validator

It says there is an </p> on line 200 that was never open


	<img src='a-1-1-1920.png' alt=''><br><br>
	<img src='b-1-1-1920.png' alt=''><br><br>
	<img src='c-1-1-1920.png' alt=''><br><br>
	<fieldset style="width:300px"><legend>Transparent background, looks like just text</legend>

	<img src='d-1-1-1920.png' alt=''><br><br>
	<img src='e-1-1-1920.png' alt=''><br><br>
	<img src='f-1-1-1920.png' alt=''><br><br>

</p> <- This is line 200

As you can see, there is an open <p> that it goes along with.  I think this is an error on the validators part.

Received on Thursday, 5 April 2007 21:52:19 UTC