Re: error messages does not matches real world

But you are only thinking in terms of the most popular graphical Browsers -- what about other rendering agents that are not configured to compensate for incorrect markup (spec. "tag soup") as they do -- screen readers, textual browsers, audio readers, Braille interpreters, et al -- the ones used by People with Disabilities? 

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  Subject: error messages does not matches real world

  dear w3c validators,

  in my opinion this validator is not matching the real world.


  the frameset tag gets an error with framespacing and frameborder.  but there is no browser at the moment, which will not display a space between the frames without these tags (regardless of what else i will try to avoid this space).

  the validator should come up with a warning, but no error.

  yes, these tags are not part of the w3c standart, but in this (and in other) cases, because of historical or whatever reasons, this erros messages are missleading.

  the same for div tags that are used as free positioned layers. error: document type does not allow element "DIV" here.

  omitted alt tags also. since they are displayed as tooltip and i dont want to have them displayed, what else to do by leaving them?.

  a warning message that this html style is not w3c conform but used by common browser would be very usefull.

  since this is real world i can focus on the "real" mistakes which i could identify by the key word error.

  all the best,


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