Re: error messages does not matches real world

Adam Kubina wrote:
> the frameset tag gets an error with framespacing and frameborder.  but there is 
> no browser at the moment, which will not display a space between the frames 
> without these tags (regardless of what else i will try to avoid this space).

There are many proprietary extensions that various browsers support and 
have reverse engineered from each other, with varying degrees of 
success.  That does not make them valid and conforming.  In this case, 
those attributes are presentational and belong in the CSS.  There's also 
all the problems associated with frames.

> the same for div tags that are used as free positioned layers. error: document 
> type does not allow element "DIV" here.

That means you have most likely attempted to use a div element inside an 
element that only allows inline level content.  Move them to a more 
appropriate location in the document structure.  How it is presented 
using CSS is irrelevant for document conformance.

> omitted alt tags also. since they are displayed as tooltip and i dont want to 
> have them displayed, what else to do by leaving them?.

I agree that alt text should not be displayed as a tooltip, but I do not 
agree that this shouldn't be an error.  They are not supposed to be 
rendered as tooltips, that is just the non-conforming behaviour of IE. 
Other modern browsers, like Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. do not display 
tooltips for alt attributes.  However, if you really must suppress the 
tooltip in IE, you can add an empty title attribute to your image.

<img src="..." alt="alternative text" title="">

Lachlan Hunt

Received on Sunday, 5 November 2006 05:57:05 UTC