Re: error messages does not matches real world

Note: I am not associated with the W3C or the validator in any way.

> the frameset tag gets an error with framespacing
> and frameborder. but there is no browser at the moment,
> which will not display a space between the frames
> without these tags

I'm pretty sure that frameborder is part of the frameset DTD. And you  
should be able to control the spacing using CSS (either with the margin or  
border-spacing attributes).

> the validator should come up with a warning, but no error.
> yes, these tags are not part of the w3c standart, but
> in this (and in other) cases, because of historical or
> whatever reasons, this erros messages are
> missleading.

When you validate a document, you validade it against a DTD. If you use  
elements that aren't allowed by that DTD, the validator _must_ return an  
error, otherwise it's not working correctly.

If you don't care about complying to a specific DTD, why bother to use a  
validator? Just create the pages and test them on the browsers that will  
be used to open them. Or use a different doctype that allows the elements  
you want to use.

> a warning message that this html style is not w3c conform
> but used by common browser would be very usefull.

The validator does not test compatibility with browsers, it tests  
conformance with DTDs.

P.S. - HTML frames were invented by the devil. They make your site harder  
to index, harder to bookmark and harder to navigate. In 99% of cases, you  
can do a much better job with divs than with frames.


Received on Sunday, 5 November 2006 02:04:21 UTC