suggestions on how to speed up launch of check script?

Hi, I'm hoping I can tap the collected wisdom of this list for some 
tips on efficiently running the Validator.

I'm running the Validator from the command line, and on older 
machines the check script can take several seconds to get started.

I've tried compiling check to byte code, removing taint/strict 
checking, but those doesn't make a huge difference.

Obviously running check persistently (ala mod_perl) would be one 
approach, but the Validator docs seem to say it won't run under 
mod_perl, so maybe it would be unwise to try to run it persistently?

Does run using mod_perl (or something else)? Or is 
it running via standard CGI, just on a very fast machine?

Thanks - Chuck

Received on Saturday, 8 April 2006 02:11:49 UTC