Error Message Feedback

dear W3C,
I have made my own DTD and SGML declaration for it.
in the SGML declaration, I specified OMITTAG YES in the FEATURES
section and added - O after the element name in the DTD.
But when I validate my code, the validator gives me errors that say that
OMITTAG NO was specified and that I omitted a closing tag for an 
Have any suggestions?
I'm specifically interested in how to declare where my SGML declaration 
is in the DTD or XML document, or any other way
to apply my SGML declaration to my documents.
the URLs for the DTD and SGML declaration i have are: (you may have to view 
source to see the code)
and , respectively.
Thank You!

Received on Sunday, 19 June 2005 16:11:15 UTC