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Philip TAYLOR [PC336/H-XP] <P.Taylor@Rhul.Ac.Uk> wrote:

>Jan's problem is that he cannot access the W3C validator via his Czech
>ISP; if a Czech site were to host a 'mirror' of the W3C validator (that
>is, if a Czech were to be able to offer a service identical to that
>offered by the W3C for validation), then Jan and his Czech colleagues
>would be able to validate their pages.  What Jan therefore needs is a
>pointer to a document which specifies how the Validator can be ported to
>another host.  It would then be up to Jan to find a Czech host which
>would be willing to mount and support the service.

Oh, ok. I think of that process as a "local installation" or something in that
vein. Apologies for beeing so slow.

I'm afraid I know of no "mirrors" of the Validator hosted in .cz or .sk. It is
possible to install a local copy (mirror) of the Validator on most UN*X-ish
systems (Debian and Red Hat Linux are the best supported). Documentation for
this is available at <> and
<>. Unfortunately the documentation for this is
rather poor, and to make matters worse the Validator does not make itself easy
to install. You'll need some experience with Linux, Apache, and Perl (or
access to a friend who has) to do this.

If you start out using those documents we may be able to help you resolve any
"gotchas" you run into in the process if you post a note here.

Debian and Red Hat packages (.deb and .rpm, respectively) are available, but
I'm afraid I've lost track of their current status. Ville, Frederic? Could you
chime in here?

Alternately you could use Liam Quinn's most excellent "A Real Validator for
Windows" <>. It gives equally accurate results
as the W3C online version but it can be used "locally" and is a *lot* easier
to install if you have access to a Windows machine.

PS. You might want to discuss this policy with your hosting provider.
    Presumably the policy is in place to limit bandwidth useage to what
    is reasonable for the intent of the service. But this consideration
    does not really apply to requests from the Validator so perhaps an
    exception might be made?

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