Status Message

Just a quick suggestion. When a page is checked you site displays a message
such as:
	"This Page Is Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional!"
or: 	"This page is not Valid HTML 3.2!"
The first couple time I used the validator the "This Page" phrase confused
me - I thought that the page was referring to itself, not the page being
validated. Perhaps you could change the phrase to "Your page".

The page shown for errors is somewhat better, as it lists the page that was
checked before the failure message, giving a better context for what "this"
refers to. It wasn't till I got an error message that I realized my
confusion. "Why would w3c have an page that's not valid?", I asked myself.
"Oh, it's talking about my page" :)

Anyway, I love XHTML & CSS2, and your validator is exceedingly useful. Keep
up the good work!

Daniel Jackson Peacock
Sandia National Laboratories ~ (505) 284-8017
Dept 2663 ~ Bld 890 Rm 3431 ~ MS 0986

Received on Friday, 23 May 2003 12:14:22 UTC