Not able to validate site - WHY?

After several attempts to validate my company's web site, located at <> , as well as
reading through your FAQ, I was not able to view validation results.
The error message received with each attempt is below.  Please let me
know what I can do to successfully validate my site with your
I was not able to extract a character encoding labeling from any of the
valid sources for such information. Without encoding information it is
impossible to validate the document. The sources I tried are: 
*	The HTTP Content-Type field. 
*	The XML Declaration. 
*	The HTML "META" element. 
And I even tried to autodetect it using the algorithm defined in
Appendix <>  F of the XML 1.0
Since none of these sources yielded any usable information, I will not
be able to validate this document. Sorry. Please make sure you specify
the character encoding in use. 
Thank you,
Laura Paige
SEO Project Manager
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Email:  <>  <>
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Received on Friday, 23 May 2003 10:02:20 UTC