Re: Transparency of "valid-html401.png"

"Terje Bless" <> wrote:

> Łukasz Korczewski <> wrote:
> >Is there everything OK with transparency settings of the
> >"valid-html401.png"? I see a white strip on the right. The equivalent
> >image concerning CSS ("vcss.png") works OK. And so do
> >"valid-html401.gif".
> As far as we can tell, the badge is properly transparent, but not all
> browsers support PNG transparency. Perhaps that is the cause for what you
> are seeing?

You must be right. I learned that IE (which I use) doesn't support PNG alpha
channel correctly. I also tested that some other browsers (Opera, Mozilla)
do. But... I can turn the GIF badge with software like Paint Shop Pro into a
PNG file displayed correctly by my IE. I also noticed that CSS (what I
mentioned already) and also XHTML badges generally looks good. So why
HTML4.01 cannot?

Lukasz K.

Received on Sunday, 20 April 2003 19:12:17 UTC