Re: Licence of validation icons?

Olivier Thereaux <> wrote:

>One thing, however, that is still vague, is the "claim" issue. The
>trademark policy has something about claims, but it doesn't really cover
>conformance claims, which the "valid foo" icons basically are.
>Conformance claims for documents are even more complicated than for e.g
>software implementations, as the claim may be valid when made, and "slip
>out" when the document changes.
>There may be technical solutions (like serving different icons depending
>on actual validity), but the social (legal?) questions remain. We
>(validator) could try and imitate what WAI has done at:

Well, if it becomes an issue we can always generate a cryptographical
checksum (a SHA-1 hash ought to do) of the page we validated and include
that as part of the result. Dunno that I'd bother though... :-)

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