Re: Using the validator with internal files

Doug Stevens <> wrote:

>I used the upload version of the validator [...] to validate a file
>which is on an internal net, and it passed. It provided the HTML
>for a link back to the validator [...] which appears properly on
>the page, but when I click on it, I get ...
> Sorry, this type of URI scheme ("undefined") is not supported by
> this service. Please check that you entered the URI correctly.
> URIs should be in the form:
>I'm guessing that the validator is expecting to see a www-style
>link, and is confused. How do I form the link using the path to a
>file on the internal net?

Most likely this is due to your local network being behind a web proxy
server that strips out the HTTP Referrer header field. The next version of
the Validator should have a more meaningfull error message when this
appears to be the case.

However, if your page is not available to the general Internet the
Validator will not be able to validate it unless you a) manually upload the
file or b) install a local instance of the Validator (which is
unfortunately not very easy at the moment).

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Received on Friday, 18 April 2003 15:58:26 UTC