Re: MarkUp Validation Service page

Yves SPECHT <> wrote:

>Ok, i'ts well, I'm French, and make effort to validate my pages. When
>ok, I insert your logo and your link for users to link to. And, after
>this, they receive an english where they don't understand any think. For
>an international service like your's, Can you send a french  Markup
>Validation Page , when linking  a validated french page go to your site ?

We're currently in the process of internationalizing the service -- if all
goes well this facility should be in the next major release (0.7.0, due
some time around the end of the year) -- after which it will be possible
for us to accept contributions of localized content. Since we have quite a
few French speakers around, French should be among the first languages

Thanks for your feedback on this.

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Received on Friday, 18 April 2003 15:52:23 UTC