Re: utf-8 validation error


Ok, I checked it some more. It does allow standard CJK characters. So the
only thing it complains about is characters in the 0x00-0x1f and 0x80-0x9f

I understand your arguments about how these are not necessarily legit. But
Microsoft makes the Webdings fonts freely available and everyone has the
symbol & zapfdingbats fonts. You might want to make it an option to allow
any unicode value.

thanks - dave

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> * David Thielen wrote:
> >I'm trying to do char 0x80 for the Wingdings2 font. But I get the same
> >when doing Chinese chars using a Chinese font. (And they all display fine
> >IE).
> Using specific fonts with non-standard character code <=> glyph mappings
> is in general bad practise, you should use Unicode characters or images
> if Unicode doesn't provide the desired glyphs.

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