Re: example of error that validator misses.

* Al Gilman wrote:
>But I thought you still might be interested in an example of a case where
>coding in the page brought me grief and the validator doesn't catch it.
>The URI-reference in question is
>A bug in the coding of this page is
>  <a name="#wai"></a>

This is a valid name attribute.

>Neither Netscape nor Lynx will follow the broken reference, but IE will.

The reference is indeed broken, it should be

>The page is invalid in its own right (without trying to access it by that
>URI-reference) because of the requirement that the attribute
>meet the 'name' syntactic production which requires an alpha character as
>the initial character, and hence does not allow a leading hash.  But the
>SGML parser doesn't check this, it seems.

The name attribute is CDATA not NAME.

Received on Monday, 11 November 2002 15:07:16 UTC