Re: No Character Encoding detected! But Why?


At least OE isn't broken in that aspect. :-)
Kore wo [kanji]meru. I can see it. BTW, what does it mean and what's the transliteration of the kanji? I always have trouble identifying kanjis... 

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> On Monday, Nov 11, 2002, at 09:38 Asia/Tokyo, Aziz Matar wrote:
> > Yes, I understand I have no character encoding on 
> > But my question is, what is the point of 
> > character encoding.
> Can you read this:
> これを読める?
> If you can read (well, see) it, it's because my message specifies a 
> character encoding. If there wasn't, you mail reader, used to plain 
> ascii, would display only garbage.
> And if you can see only garbage, it's because your mail reader is 
> broken and doesn't follow the character encoding of my message. It only 
> works if both ends use character encodings. properly.
> I guess you see the point of this little demo. If you want 
> communication in a world with thousands of languages and hundreds of 
> ways to write them, you need character encodings...
> Hope this helps.
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