Re: No Character Encoding detected! But Why?

On Monday, Nov 11, 2002, at 09:38 Asia/Tokyo, Aziz Matar wrote:

> Yes, I understand I have no character encoding on 
> But my question is, what is the point of 
> character encoding.

Can you read this:

If you can read (well, see) it, it's because my message specifies a 
character encoding. If there wasn't, you mail reader, used to plain 
ascii, would display only garbage.

And if you can see only garbage, it's because your mail reader is 
broken and doesn't follow the character encoding of my message. It only 
works if both ends use character encodings. properly.

I guess you see the point of this little demo. If you want 
communication in a world with thousands of languages and hundreds of 
ways to write them, you need character encodings...

Hope this helps.

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