Re: Updated validator patches

Ville Skyttä <> wrote:

>I've updated my validator patches [...]

Ok, I've now applied the following patches.

 w3c-validator-errornumbers.patch      24-May-2002 20:19     1k  
 w3c-validator-file-spec.patch         24-May-2002 20:19     2k  
 w3c-validator-protocols.patch         24-May-2002 20:19     5k  
 w3c-validator-referer-relpath.patch   24-May-2002 20:20     1k  
 w3c-validator-result-form.patch       24-May-2002 20:19     3k  

I made minor tweaks to all of them, but nothing of any substance.

Many thanks for the patches Ville!

The checklink patches:

 w3c-validator-checklink-cleanup.patch 24-May-2002 20:19     9k  
 w3c-validator-checklink-options.patch 24-May-2002 20:19     6k  

have _not_ been applied. The cheklink bit is nominally maintained by Hugo
Haas, but he's been working on other things lately. I've pinged him about
it and he's promised to "do something" about it ASAP.

>RedHat 7.x RPM [...] at <URL:>.

Your're building RPMs? Cool! Wanna volunteer to be the official RPM
packager? :-)

(I can stick the spec file in CVS if you like, BTW)

I would suggest splitting it up though:


(or something like that)

The huge bulk of the validator is in the SGML library. It contains about a
gazillion DTDs and is updated fairly rarely. Then there are the CGIs which
mostly function standalone, with the exception of needing the config files
from htdocs/config. Another logical part is the HTML which provides
documentation and an initial entry point to the CGI scripts. With
cgi-bin/check(link) and the config files you have a bare minimum functional
installation (that might be set to use Red Hat's SGML library, say!).

At the very least I would suggest splitting the SGML library
($CVSROOT/validator/htdocs/sgml-lib/) out into it's own RPM.

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