Re: crytpic error in nsgmls validation from emacs

Michael D. Crawford <> wrote:

>nsgmls:/usr/share/sgml/declaration/html.decl:23:32:W: characters in the
>document character set with numbers exceeding 65535 not supported

The nsgmls on your box doesn't support 16bit character sets, but the SGML
Declaration specified is listing the first part of UNICODE as the Document
Character Set. You need to either futz the SGML Declaration (bad idea, but
might be a workable bandaid) or get a better SGML parser.

OpenSP builds with semi-decent UNICODE support by
default in recent versions. There is a "Mumble"BSD port of it and it
includes a RPM spec file so you can build an RPM, but is slightly painfull
to build owing to the wonderfully incompatible versions of autoconf that
are in circulation. If you run into trouble you might try posting to the
openjade-devel list (info on the SF project page).

FWIW, OpenSP is the SGML Parser we will use for Validator sometime in the
not too distant future. Currently we use a hacked up version (endless
thankyous to Liam Quinn for the patches!) of original SP and simply ignore
that error message you refer to above.

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Received on Wednesday, 29 May 2002 15:59:42 UTC