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> Trying to get all my pages to validate properly through W3C's validator,
> but I'm having problems because I use UTF-16. If I go with UTF-8, it all
> validates though, and I'm currently using that one.

What error message are you getting?  Basically, any encoding supported
by iconv should work with the validator.  If it doesn't, we'd like a
testcase (the same applies to Page Valet).

> I know that UTF-16 is poorly supported by browsers and that the specs
> are flaky (or so I've heard; I have no deeper knowlegde about that part),

That is why it hasn't had much attention from tool developers yet.
A bit of a circular argument, you might think:-)

If your utf-16 document is in fact XML, you might prefer to run it through
a native XML validator rather than an OpenSP (SGML) one such as the W3's
with limitations in its XML support.
See <URL:>.

Do you have a test URL that is giving bogus results?

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