Re: Reference to non-SGML character Error Message

At 16:13 -0400 on 06/27/2002, Kennedy, Richard T wrote about 
Reference to non-SGML character Error Message:

><x-charset iso-8859-1>In HTML files with the following DTD
>certain character entities are flagged as errors. Please see the example
>  ... lass="bold">*M/S/C Creighton/O&#146;Keefe Moved to go into E ...
>                                               ^
>      Error: reference to non-SGML character
>I'm not exactly sure why that is technically invalid but I am not aware of
>any browsers that have a problem with it. The problem also happens with
>character entities &#148; &#150;

What CHARSET did you declare (or default to) in your META tag? If it 
was ISO-8859-1 then the codes in the 128-159 codepoint range are 
INVALID and should either be coded using &name; entries (such as 
&ldquo;) or as their Unicode Codepoint equivalents (&#8016/17/20/21; 
for the "curly quotes" if I remember correctly).

If you DO claim to be WIN-1252 then (at least in theory) the 
Validator is in error since the use of the 129-159 codepoints are 
VALID since they represent valid glyphs in that character-set.

>Also, I tried it with another DTD validator and it did not report a problem.
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