Re: Free hosting services append invalid HTML ads

At 22:06 -0230 on 06/30/2002, Michael D. Crawford wrote about Re: 
Free hosting services append invalid HTML ads:

>I appreciate any suggestions you have for improvement

I would suggest a section explaining what the Hosting Service needs 
to do to allow their code inserted into the pages to pass validation. 
In this case they should LOOK at the DOCTYPE on the page and use it 
to SELECT which copy of their code should be inserted. This means 
that this Hosting Service needs one copy of their code for HTML 4.x 
and one for XHTML (it should not be THAT hard to convert the 
boilerplate into XHTML).

Looking at the code they insert, the "errors" are the missing 
Type="Text/javascript" on the Script Tag and the formatting of the 
tags. The latter is NOT an HTML error while I'm not sure how old a 
HTML level you need to claim before the existence of that parm would 
cause an error (IOW: Will one version do for HTML or will there need 
to be one copy as they now have and one that has the TYPE clause).

Bob Rosenberg
RockMUG Webmaster

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