revalidate this page, set encoding

The button to revalidate a page never works for me. Rather than
revalidate the page it goes back to the page for specifying a URL.
Usually I am loading a page from my machine so this isn't even the right
page to go to, I would rather it went to the screen for loading files.
Although this is a bug, it normally doesn't bother me.

However, I have a page using a user-defined encoding. It is actually
utf-8 but because it contains supplementary characters, some browsers
require it to be user-defined.
The page is

Because it is a user-defined encoding, I get an error. I would like to
revalidate and specify the encoding.
However, the file upload page does not let you specify an encoding. The
revalidate page does, but doesn't revalidate instead it goes back to the
initial screen for entering a url.

It would be good if the file upload page allowed specification of an

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Received on Monday, 1 July 2002 00:06:31 UTC