Re: HTML validator and WebServices

Karl Dubost <> wrote:

>I'm sure it's already on tracks, but it would be very helpful for the 
>community to hack a webservice for the HTML validator.

I read "WebService" and then you lost me... :-)

Are you talking about an added feature for the "check" CGI script? Or an
added feature for one of the "WebLog" sites? Or possibly for authoring

Machine Parseable output from the Validator is already on the TODO -- and
thanks to Christian Smith's most excellent feedback we have a reasonably
good idea of what kind of interface to implement -- and the necessary
architectural changes will also facilitate the ability to request a simple
pass/fail boolean response from the Validator.

Would this latter cover what you're thinking of?

Received on Saturday, 16 February 2002 13:07:09 UTC