HTML validator and WebServices

I'm sure it's already on tracks, but it would be very helpful for the 
community to hack a webservice for the HTML validator.

A kind of ping HTML validator like the URL-minder but in a sense more 
immediate. For example, now, people must submit the URL in a form to 
verify if the site is valid.

It would be cool if people have the possibility to know when they 
submit their webpages to have the result of their validation. Many 
people are writing weblogs now. When they are doing it, they are 
using a tool that will host their content also, or they are doing it 
on their own site. When the content is submitted most of the tools 
now are sending a Ping with the parameters to the [1] 
site. This site help after site like daypop [2] to verify if a weblog 
has been updated.

The (we)blogger tools have implemented this ping [3]. So the user do 
not have to bother about going to a website to say "Hey, there's new 
dog food on my website".

The idea:

Having the same kind of service for the HTML validator and encourage 
people who are creating authoring tool to use the service and 
integrate it in their products. When someone edit with such a tool, 
he/she will have the possibility to ping for his new content, but 
also to know if his/her page is still valid at the submission time. 
There's no need to have the detail reports of HTML errors, but just 
something very simple which returns.

	"valid" or "not valid"

as parameters when you send the URI of the page.

After the service could be improved with a more detail report. But 
let's start with something simple - a very simple SOAP interface.

Karl Dubost / W3C - Conformance Manager

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Received on Saturday, 16 February 2002 07:37:18 UTC