Validation icon HTML 4.01


Charles McCathieNeville (WAI) told me to write you with my request.

The HTML 4.01 validation icon, which I have placed on my site, has white
space on the right side, whereas the CSS valdation icon has a transparent
background on the right-hand side. Since I have a yellowish background
there, people always see the white strip next to the HTML4.01 icon. Could
anyone responsible change the white background (only on the right side) of
the HTML4.01 validation icon to transparent? (I imagine there must be others
with the same problem). The effect of the current icon can be seen at If you look at the code, it will seem as if
I am loading a local file, but in fact I have configured .htaccess to
redirect to w3c.

Jan Eric Hellbusch

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Received on Tuesday, 12 February 2002 11:37:13 UTC