Re: html editors

On Tue, 12 Feb 2002, ewitness - Ben Fowler wrote:

> >  > The only validation error that you are likely to see in
> >>  Dreamweaver is missing ALT attributes. So it is not really
> >>  that disturbing.
> >
> >If only that were true; by default, DW doesn't even emit a DOCTYPE
> >directive, ...
> Whilst this is somewhat irritating; as Dreamweaver is a tool
> for the world wide web, the lack of a DOCTYPE tag is hardly
> a fatal drawback as browsers (at least in general) make no use
> of such a tag.

IE, Mozilla and the rest use the existence of Doctype to decide
whether to go into standards or legacy quirks mode. This can affect
rendering considerably.

You'd want a default DOCTYPE so at least you know you're playing in a
standards world.



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