Re: EARL in Page Valet

On Mon, 4 Feb 2002, Jim Ley wrote:

> > Goal now reached.  Jim's going to see if this is any use to him
> > a clientside app.
> Okay, done this...

> [chop - observations suggesting we have some way to go with this]

> For, both Mozilla, and IE disagree with site-valet - but
> then so do I !
> Looking at "#1/2/1/2" that points to a <BR> yet the fuzzy pointer only
> makes sense if it points at the table that comes after the BR.  - A bug
> in Site-valets creation?

It's an issue of error handling.  Because google has no FPI, SP (valet)
is parsing it without a DTD, and using default SGML rules.  So it has
no way of knowing that <br> should be empty.

This has been bothering me for some time, but it's not clear how
best to fix it.  Once upon a time we'd have inserted a default FPI,
but all the validators have now stopped doing that.  Maybe we should
revert to that as a fixup?

Hmm - I'll crosspost this to www-validator.  Any other thoughts?

Nick Kew

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