Re: Softquad DTD?

>At 10:50 pm +0100 31/1/02, Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
>>* Nick Kew wrote:
>>>Just encountered the following FPI:
>>><!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//SoftQuad Software//DTD HoTMetaL PRO 
>>>6.0::19990601::extensions to HTML >4.0//EN" "hmpro6.dtd">
>>>The local filename for a DTD is of course useless (surely softquad should
>>>know better?), and declines to load in Konqueror.
>>>Although it claims to be PUBLIC, none of the validators recognises it.
>>>Should we have it, or is it pure bogus?

A further thought on this.

My guess is that many of the people here also read
the html-tidy list, and the same sort of problem
crops up there, with the twist that tidy also
attempts to correct then problem, exempli gratia


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