Re: <FRAMESET rows="105,*,18" frameborder=0>

Iasen Kostoff <> wrote:

>Why validator does not validate this when it is in every tutorial and
>every browser compiles it. I know that this is not in HTML 4.01
>Specification but without it browsers leave frames on the page even if
>yos set frameborder=0 for every frame. And as a saw there works
><FRAMESET border=x> and much more like this. Why they are not defined
>somewhere ?

The Validator does not allow this because it is not in any standard. The
question of why it is not in any standard is a question for
<>. :-)

But the short answer is that the frameborder attribute was a
vendor-proprietary extension that was never standardized, most likely
because by the time anyone got around to proposing it for inclusion,
physical markup (not to mention the old version of framed documents) was
being phased out in favour of CSS and other more robust technologies.

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