Re: <FRAMESET rows="105,*,18" frameborder=0>

  Thank You for your answer. I'm useing and weblint too - ther one
can set which extensions he is useing and weblint won't say that this is
an error. This could be done with validator too I think. A check box fo
what kind of extension do one is useing or it could be a warrning :).

On Fri, 13 Dec 2002, Terje Bless wrote:

> Iasen Kostoff <> wrote:
> >Why validator does not validate this when it is in every tutorial and
> >every browser compiles it. I know that this is not in HTML 4.01
> >Specification but without it browsers leave frames on the page even if
> >yos set frameborder=0 for every frame. And as a saw there works
> ><FRAMESET border=x> and much more like this. Why they are not defined
> >somewhere ?
> The Validator does not allow this because it is not in any standard. The
> question of why it is not in any standard is a question for
> <>. :-)
> But the short answer is that the frameborder attribute was a
> vendor-proprietary extension that was never standardized, most likely
> because by the time anyone got around to proposing it for inclusion,
> physical markup (not to mention the old version of framed documents) was
> being phased out in favour of CSS and other more robust technologies.
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