Feedback on new validator service


While using the excellent service I noticed that one of
the "(explain...)" links refers to the #not-allowed-contained anchor in
the errors.html page. AFAICT there is no such anchor, it would appear
that the intended anchor is "not-contained".

Also, it appears that the source listing is shown even when the "Show
Source" checkbox is empty. Is this right?

And I've just noticed now that if I use an undefined element that has a
colon in the name (e.g. an element with an undefined namespace prefix)
the error message is truncated.
e.g. trying to validate a doc with the following tag:
    <UndeclaredNS:E />
then the error produced is:
    <em>Line <a href="#line-17">17</a>, column 32</em>: <span class="msg"> element "UndeclaredNS</span>



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Received on Tuesday, 3 December 2002 13:20:56 UTC