Re: Feedback on new validator service

Jonathan Wakely <> wrote:

>While using the excellent service I noticed that one of
>the "(explain...)" links refers to the #not-allowed-contained anchor in
>the errors.html page. AFAICT there is no such anchor, it would appear
>that the intended anchor is "not-contained".

Thanks. I've logged this as Bug #107 -- see
<"> -- in our bug tracking

>Also, it appears that the source listing is shown even when the "Show
>Source" checkbox is empty. Is this right?

Yes, this is correct. It is a feature and/or limitation of the current
code. The Show Source option is always enabled automatically if there are
errors in the document. We're investigating options to explicitly request
that the Show Source option be supressed even for invalid pages.

>And I've just noticed now that if I use an undefined element that has a
>colon in the name (e.g. an element with an undefined namespace prefix)
>the error message is truncated.

Ah, thanks. That's now fixed in the current development version and will be
in the next public release.

Thanks for your feedback on this.

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