Re: <label> tags around options

Christian Reis <> wrote:

>A similar error occurs when validating a page without a DTD. Because
>these are *very* common problems and because the extended interface
>provides a way to override these, it would be important to include a
>direct link to it in this message. The wording could be as follows:

Hmm. Good idea. I'll try to implement that some time soon. It might have to
wait for the following version, but with a little luck it'll be in the next

Thanks for the feedback!

>Oh. Keep in mind that right-aligned text inside the navigation bar will
>be slightly more difficult to read than left-aligned text; I'm unsure,
>however, if it will fit gracefully with the position of the bar in the

The current layout is a carefull tradeoff between a whole bunch of factors,
among them a myriad browser bugs and general wonkyness with float, and in
particular float: right. I don't want to mess with it right now, but I'll
flag it for attention once the next update is done.

>I note that the right-hand navigation bar overlaps the content area in
>Mozilla-1.1-current. I'll have a look at the code to see what Moz is
>doing wrong.

Ugh! This had /better/ be a Mozilla bug. Because I don't think I have the
energy to tweak that code again. :-(

I don't run Moz 1.1 anywhere ATM, but if you give me a holler if it doesn't
appear to be a Moz bug I'll look into it.

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