Re: target attribute of anchor tags

Bob Rosenberg <> wrote:

>I agree that TARGET is needed for REFERENCE Tags (so long as you are not
>a W3C "Frames are bad and should be depreciated and you should not be
>allowed to open new windows" ivory tower non-designer type).

If this isn't the list for discussing the pros and cons of the target
attribute, it certainly is not the list for insulting those with carefully
considered _technical_ reservations about the use of frames and target
attributes with the value "_new"!

Please take that particular discussion elsewhere.

Given your apparent opinion on the issue, might I suggest you carefully
consider -- in best Advocatus Diaboli style -- what arguments might
persuade /you/ that frames/target are best avoided and let know. A dissenting point of view would be very
valuable in finding the best way to communicate best practices to the
general public.

I have lobbied for the update and improvement of SGML. I've done it for years.
I consider it the jewel for which XML is a setting.  It does deserve a bit or
polishing now and then.                                        -- Len Bullard

Received on Thursday, 8 August 2002 16:34:08 UTC