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> > It kills me that this problem has been around for months, tons of
> > people have complained about it, and NO ONE IS WILLING TO FIX IT!!!

> But I HAVE fixed it (AFAICT)! I sent a copy attached to my
> E-mail. If you haven't got that one, you can pick it up from:
> I don't know if you're part of W3C or if you have the access to
> update the image on the W3C site but please, whoever is
> responsible for this, help yourselves! If you like, I'll do the
> rest of them - just tell me where to find them. I'm happy to
> contribute (within reason)!

Thanks, but there is nothing wrong with the HTML 4.0 images; the
problem is buggy support for the PNG image format in current
browsers. (specifically, lack of alpha channel support)

I made a quick page to show what's going on:

and you will note that the valid-html40.gif image is fine.
(it is with Netscape 4.75 on Linux, anyway; let me know if
it isn't with your browser, but I think it should be.)

Here is a screenshot of Netscape 4.75 on Linux rendering that page:

and here is one of Galeon 0.7.5 (based on Mozilla M17):

which renders most of the popular ones with correct transparency.

I'm still lacking transparent (or alpha-channel-happy or whatever)
versions of these:

and I'm not much of a graphics guy myself (it's been years since
I made a GIF transparent, and I don't think I've done anything
with alpha channels before), so contributions are welcome. (some
of these might have been sent already; I'll check for them when
I get a chance.)

I updated the validator results page just now to link to each of
the PNG and GIF versions of the images instead of only the
generic content-negotiated resource, to make things a bit more
clear to users.

If you want to use these images on pages with non-white backgrounds,
I suggest linking directly to the GIF versions until browsers get
better PNG support. (hmm... only two days until the 4th anniversary
of the PNG recommendation.)

I also moved the images to a new location on our main
servers, so users will have the benefit of our worldwide mirror
system. ( is rotated among different servers in the
world depending where you are.)

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