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> James Pickering:
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> > What really surprised me was that both of your files passed muster 
> > ("Congratulations" , etc.) when I ran them in's  RUWF 
> > (are you well  formed) XML Syntax Checker:
> Well, they are well-formed (I believe). The second one should be
> valid too, although it's hard to be sure, since there are no
> validators to check them with.

Manually check the file against the XHTML DTD. You'll see that the FORM
element takes form.content as it content.

<!ELEMENT form %form.content;>

form.content is defined as 

<!ENTITY % form.content "(%block; | %misc;)*">

which means it takes zero or more elements of type block or misc. But,
INPUT is defined as being of type inline.forms

<!ENTITY % inline.forms "input | select | textarea | label | button">

so it is neither of type block nor type misc.

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