Re: Validator patch (tiny)

* Brian Gilkison <> wrote:
| FYI, I'm running the Validator on Win2000 Server, ActiveState Perl build
| 522, Apache 1.3.9, and I currently run the script with only 4 needed
| changes -- the 'shebang' now reads "#!d:/perl/bin/perl.exe, and I've changed
| $abs_svc_uri, $faqloc, and $element_ref (although only $abs_svc_uri is
| absolutely necessary).  The caveat is that I had to use Björn Höhrmann's
| trick of putting CMD.EXE in my Validator's cgi-bin directory (see
|; and
| before someone screams about security issues, this validator is never
| exposed outside my home, it's strictly for personal use).  So I also look
| forward to seeing anybody's suggestions for a workaround or possible
| solution...

The reason is:

# delete() the, possibly tainted, $PATH.
delete $ENV{PATH};

(check,v 1.64 / line 125)

If the path is deleted, Perl cannot locate my commando processor. What are the
reasons for this line and how about removing/replacing it?

Björn Höhrmann · ·

Received on Friday, 25 February 2000 11:14:05 UTC