Re: XHTML Basic validator available

Nick Kew wrote:

>(does anyone responsible for the W3 tools read this list?

Yes, Gerald does read the list; he's just usually so bogged down in other
work that his response time leaves a bit to be desired (I'm still blocked
and waiting on the DOCTYPE override patch Ger! ;D). Dan Connolly doesn't
read it regularly AFAIK, but he's stopped by from time to time and he does
read www-html.

Steven Pemberton, Murray Altheim, Masayasu Ishikawa (W3C HTML Activity
Lead), Ann Navarro, and Dave Raggett have also stopped by from time to time
(all members of the W3C HTML WG). Hugo Haas (which is, but I
dunno his exact position) and Kynn Bartlet (WAI Guru (Hi Kynn! ;D)) also
reads or read this list.

>Would the W3 validator like to run and/or link to the Code Valet tools?)

They would very likely like to at least link to the tools somewhere on
<URL:>. Patches against the W3C
Validator, opinionated commentary, and contributed knowledge would also be
most welcome.

Gerald: I think I mentioned Nick's stuff on IRC once. It's Good Stuff[tm];
you should have look if you haven't seen them yet.

Received on Sunday, 24 December 2000 11:08:30 UTC