Re: XHTML Basic validator available

I've added the XHTML Basic DTD and modules at

I've also added it to the Code Valet catalogue menu, so the Code Valet
will validate to the new standard (along with the existing HTML,
XHTML1.0 and XML options).

I have not (yet) updated the Page Valet, which is rather more work
to update.  I'll try and find time in the not-too-distant future.

You can now validate XHTML Basic online at

(does anyone responsible for the W3 tools read this list?
Would the W3 validator like to run and/or link to the Code Valet tools?)

p.s. (1) Please ignore my earlier message about xml1.dcl - found it
p.s. (2) Sorry I missed the point in my reply to "Bug in Meta handling" -
	 Jukka's posting seems to have been more to the point!

Nick Kew

Received on Saturday, 23 December 2000 20:38:07 UTC