Re: XHTML Basic validator available

At 08:08 AM 12/24/2000 , Terje Bless wrote:
>Steven Pemberton, Murray Altheim, Masayasu Ishikawa (W3C HTML Activity
>Lead), Ann Navarro, and Dave Raggett have also stopped by from time to time
>(all members of the W3C HTML WG). Hugo Haas (which is, but I
>dunno his exact position) and Kynn Bartlet (WAI Guru (Hi Kynn! ;D)) also
>reads or read this list.

Yikes!  There's my name!  Now I feel obligated to speak up. :)

Nick, if you haven't already told the folks at the Web Accessibility
Initiative's Evaluation and Repair working group about your tools,
you definitely should get in touch with them.  This is the first
I've heard of your site (maybe I'm just careless!).

There's a list of various web evaluation tools at:

Len Kasday is the chair of the E&R working group; his email address
is "Leonard R. Kasday" <> and I'm sure he'd like to
hear from you about what you've been working on.  Other folks with
an interest in evaluation tools might likewise be interested; the
web page for E&R is:


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