Re: More On the Semantic Web (or: is RDF any good?)

> > Hmm, this would be a good thing for the W3C to pursue. It'd
> > be nice if the validator not only provided a Web badge, but
> > also a little snippet of RDF

This conversation fell flat on its behind for a reason: EDL. Basically, the
WAI ERT group are creating an RDF format for evaluations of any sort. One of
these could be accissibility assertions (ADL) and another could be the
output on the XHTML validator.
On another line of investigation that this discussion started off, we are
already investigating how Web pages could have indexing pieces of RDF in
them using the profile attribute. See and soon
(try for now).

Please bug the Evil Genious[tm] about these matters when you get the time

I unsubscribed from www-validator ages ago, so please CC to me at, cheers.

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