Validating site in batch mode?

Is it considered perverse on this list to try to validate HTML *and* links
on one's site in batch mode?

An earlier thread elaborated on standalone HTML file validation on command

My goal is to find existing/improve some other tool that could
1) validate my site for broken links
2) validate my site for HTML valideness
3) read some exceptions file so not to descend into some of the
4) understand mappings of local file:// to http:// in such a way that I
could spare the local server from requests for static pages to validate
them, but still have the check running on the dynamic ones

So far I am using very primitive tools
I do have SP at my site, and occasionally run, too.
I use SP merely to validate local HTML files (by :make within ViM, using
vim:ts=4:sw=4:wm=8:mp=sh\ -c\ \\"nsgmls\ -s\ 2>&1\
near the HTML end). Sometimes (in doc/ subdirs of a project) I prefer a
makefile target that does a batch checks of all given docs with nsgmls -sB

This all, obviously, doesn't work very well for some dynamic content files.

I am also using and manually review the resulting .html page;
but there is a lot of annoying garbage due to its inability for (3)

Can some of you please point me to the right tools? Perhaps I am missing
something with validator/checklink suite and they can be configured to do
precisely that? Perhaps there is another tool?


Received on Monday, 11 December 2000 08:47:29 UTC