Re: More On the Semantic Web (or: is RDF any good?)

On 08.11.00 at 17:22, Aaron Swartz <> wrote:

>William Loughborough <> wrote:
>> 1) validated its XHTML/CSS components ("generated by tidy",etc.);
>Hmm, this would be a good thing for the W3C to pursue. It'd be nice if the
>validator not only provided a Web badge, but also a little snippet of RDF
>to insert to state the document was validated. I'm CC-ing the
>www-validator list, but could responses their please also reply to me,
>because I'm not a subscriber. 
>First, however, the W3C would have to define a URI for validation status.
>I'm sure the proper person for that job is somewhere on this list.

Just to make sure this doesn't disappear into a black hole -- I dunno what
discussions took place on rdf-interest (don't read it), but since nothing
was said on www-validator... -- and keep the topic alive.

That sounds a great idea and I'll make a point of reminding Gerald[0]
whenever an opportunity presents itself[1].

[0] - Gerald Oskoboiny, the Evil Genious[tm] beind the validator. :-)
[1] - As in: "Whenever I badger him for more features". :-)

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