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RE: Re -Re CSS Validator Bug - A big one

From: Douglas Perreault CPA CITP <doug@perreault.us>
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2011 22:30:47 -0400
To: <www-validator-css@w3.org>
Message-ID: <002d01cc9775$1a30b7f0$4e9227d0$@perreault.us>

As Jukka mentioned, this is a public list. You should have received such a notification and agreed to it when you first signed up for it. Every post you make to this list is public and is later searchable on Google for, presumably, all eternity.

Having said that, I guess the question to you would be "How is a site that doesn't have any CSS not CSS-compliant?" I am nothing more than a mere bystander in this, but I think this is a subjective issue. As long as there is no non-conforming CSS, the site is valid. The fact that it doesn't have any at all doesn't make it non-compliant. 

Take speeding as an analogy. If Jukka is speeding, but you are not, then Jukka is breaking the law, but you are compliant. Then I come along. I don't have a car. Am I breaking the law? No, obviously not. Just because I don't have a car doesn't mean I'm out of compliance. Same here. Just because the site doesn't have any CSS doesn't mean it's not compliant. It's certainly valid as long as it's not invalid.

Having said that, a warning that no CSS was found might be a worthwhile warning to give in case someone forgot to include the reference to a style sheet and wondered why their site wasn't looking as expected.

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