[ANN] New CSS Validator version

Dear all,

We released today a new version of the CSS validator, tagged "css2010_0".

Use the CSS validator on the Web:
Get/Browse the source:
Install on your server/ use as commandline:


Along with the numerous contributions on translations (and more is needed 
as I introduced some new errors and warnings), it integrate some patches 
received through this mailing list. Thanks to all contributors.

The main change is, as the release tag indicate, support for CSS2010.

* CSS2010 support meaning
   + Rewrite of Media Queries, including while parsing HTML attributes
   + CSS Colors Module Level 3
     (although some properties using colors might not use the right
      implementation, but CSS3 is being reworked right now)
   + CSS Selectors Level 3
* Use of a new HTML parser for text/html media type, it now uses
   the HTML5 parser validator.nu
* CSS levels and profiles reworked internally
* ... and lots of other small bug fixes, many left...

Getting better Warnings (and warning levels) will be done after support of 
other CSS3 specifications, but is on the TODO list; As always, patches 
will always help!

The CSS validator is a free, open source tools which relies on *us*, the
Web community, to survive and get better. Many thanks are due to the many
users, translators, bug reporters, patch contributors, and bearers of good
ideas that made this release possible - some (but not all) of whom are
listed in:

Beyond the great effort provided by the community, a lot of the burden of
making this free tool falls on the W3C. Hosting and bandwidth are fairly
heavy for these popular services, and as you can see above, coding does
take up quite some time, too. If you use the validator frequently, rely on
in in your company, or want to show your support for good, free open
source tools, please consider making a donation, or become a sponsor:

Baroula que barouleras, au tiéu toujou t'entourneras.


Received on Monday, 31 October 2011 16:25:58 UTC