The 'speech' media type

To the W3C CSS Validator Team,

I am writing to this list to make an enquiry regarding the current state of the W3C CSS Validation Service, particularly in regards to aural CSS.

My question is this: Why does the validator still report the speech media type as 'unrecognized'?

For instance, does a certain feature of CSS have to go to Candidate Recommendation stage to make it into the validator? Ö or is this just an oversight?

The reason I ask is that, at present, the specs are a bit ambiguous when it comes to picking a media type for aural CSS. On one hand, Appendix A of the CSS 2.1 spec states that the aural media type "is deprecated", but the speech media type "is valid, but that its meaning is not defined by CSS 2.1". [1] Confusing!

The CSS3 Speech Module [2] does state that 'speech' is the preferred media type for future use, but as this document is still a working draft, I didnít think that is was authoritative.

I would be very grateful if someone could help to clear this up!


Jordan Clark





Received on Sunday, 6 November 2011 18:16:50 UTC